Monty’s products have been used by hemp growers across the country with great success. Monty’s offers specific products to maximize hemp production. These are products you can utilize with confidence throughout the growing season – from pre-planting to harvest.

It all starts with humic technology. Monty’s proprietary activated humic technology is designed to improve the overall vitality of your soil… for success you can see! Learn more about Monty’s humics here.

Monty’s Hemp Pro products are a combination of stable, quality ingredients, and have been formulated to promote faster root development, stronger plant growth and increased flower production.

Check out Monty’s products performing in the field. See side-by-side images, videos and testimonials from commercial and residential professionals throughout the country.

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I have recommended adding Monty’s Liquid Carbon to starters for a while now. It really makes a difference. The hemp growers that have used Monty’s products have all been very pleased with their results. It is a product line that I can suggest with confidence.

Tommy Thompson, TFC Field Sales Rep

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